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About Us

In 2010, the materialization of a dream begins, which results in the activities of the company Azul Pack, initially known as Minaspack.

There were 3 years of hard work and dedication, therefore allowing the factory building to be built in 2013, and in September 2016, the first sale invoice of the company was issued.

Since then, we have learned that our success depends not only on selling products, but on becoming specialists in offering the best plastic solutions for important sectors such as retail, industry, environment and agribusiness.

And through investments, family and employee engagement, the factory that started with a daily volume of 35 tons, today is operating with 70 tons per day, the double of its initial production.

In October 2020, we reached the milestone of 600 employees in a house of more than 64 thousand m², who daily commit to work together, writing their personal stories together with ours.

Nowadays Azul Pack has a wide range of products generating brands like TechBags and TechFilms, and reselling the brands TechGround and TechAgro in national and international markets.


Quality Policy:

Nature Policy:


We are a company that supports and practices Sustainability!

Our Sustainability Logo reflects our values well.                             

The human being and his social interaction with the world and the environment.


It means to take care of the environment, each one doing your part and thinking that what we do today shall reflect on tomorrow!
It means to take care of society, with concrete actions and seeking social equality!
It means to take care of the economic health, making the economy flow and generating good business and good relationships!

Let’s make together a better world and a better society!

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Logo do Movimento Circular iniciado na América Latina e que promove a economia circular

Movimento Circular

AzulPack’s partnership with Movimento Circular reflects in attitudes of our concern with the future and with the correct destination of recyclable materials. Movimento Circular comes to change our vision about residues and leftovers. What t is considered as residue just becomes a material for a new cycle.

Now, this community formed by people, companies, social organizations and public power counts on AzulPack in this mission to contribute, through education and culture, with the transition from linear to circular economy so that each discarded item becomes something else.

Our Brands

Thanks to our latest generation technology, we offer solutions in plastic transformation with superior quality, serving the most varied market segments:




Our Partners

We established successful partnerships to expand our operations and market knowledge, ensuring best practices for our clients.

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logotipo azul pack

Telephone: +55 35 3443 – 8888
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