About Us

About Us

We are a brand that develops solutions in polyethylene bags in our own laboratory, equipped with state-of-art technology and using certified raw materials. Therefore, ensuring safety and quality in the production of various sizes and formats (T-shirt and hollow bags), plain or printed, with or without pigmentation. We serve supermarkets, magazines, drugstores, grocery stores, distributors, stores and commerce in general.

Our products

Tecnologia TechPlastic para aumentar a resistência das soluções plásticas da TechBags


Exclusive technology for greater resistance and safety in the transportation of goods.

Símbolo TechBio pelos aditivos que aceleram a degradação do plástico da TechBags


It has additives that accelerate its degradation.

Símbolo TechBio pelas resinas sustentáveis usadas nas embalagens da TechBags


Made of sustainable resins, following the standards of the states that require this material.

Símbolo da linha de sacolas personalizadas TechHappy da TechBags


Line of custom bags to meet the specific need of your business.


We encourage conscious use and our items are certified in the program of quality and responsible consumption of plastic bags of the INP and Abief, ensuring more resistant bags that meet the requirements of the ABNT Standard – NBR 14937, which reduces the consumption of bags by up to 30%.

Reuse your bag, don't throw it away!

Carro limpo com sacolas plásticas

Have bags in your car to keep it clean.

Guardar sacolas plásticas na mala de viagens

Use bags for travel, store small items or items that are dirty.

Sacolas plásticas no artesanato

Use your creativity: make crafts with plastic bags.

Sacolas plásticas na proteção de plantas

Protect your plants, cover them for protection against pests.